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Diets are peppered throughout many people’s lives. It begins as an act of convenience: “I want to drop these extra thirty pounds weighing me down…” A few tries later, it is an act of desperation: “What I wouldn’t give to be only thirty pounds overweight…” There is a vicious cycle that so many people experience. They seem to do everything right. They eat well, they exercise, and they usually come close, or even surpass, their weight loss goals. But, it rarely sticks. And that is when a heavy sense of hopelessness sets in. If your best isn’t good enough, what’s the point? It’s easy to feel that way but don’t give up yet.

Are you a victim of this vicious cycle?

Are you near the end of your rope, about to accept that true change is impossible?

Have diets worked for you in the past only to leave you heavier than when you started?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I sympathize with you. What a frustrating process it is to give your all and have it backfire on you horribly. You probably feel you were better off not even trying. At least you were somewhat happy with your body before you started dieting. Now you are absolutely miserable…
Don’t throw in the towel yet, friend. There is one key ingredient you have been missing in your diet: the mind.

In my book Diet Desperation-Total Transformation, I give you a new, needed perspective. Many people enter a diet for one thing, but what they don’t understand is that the success of a diet requires many cylinders firing at the same time. It is impossible to keep the weight off that you do lose if your motivation is only anchored by the goal of smaller clothing, because once the goal is reached the plateau effect sets in and then begins to drop at an alarming rate.

The fact is simple and frustrating: diets are not easy. They require a very high level of motivation, determination, and self image. And a diet without the proper mindset is set up to fail before it even begins. There are probably people who disagree with me, but I believe that longevity is more important than a short lived tease. Losing weight isn’t the hardest part; keeping it off once it’s gone is the real challenge.

What success is there in getting a taste of what could be only to have it yanked away? The very presence of hope makes the failed attempt even more devastating. I am tired of seeing people put in the hard work and do everything right, only to end up worse off than before.

Let this next diet be the one that sticks. I want nothing more than to see you set free from your mind. There is freedom from your weight issues and it all starts with your thoughts. My book is written for you.


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