All Things Dating


If you’ve ever wanted to know anything about Dating, how to date, where the best places are to find one, and why, then you’ll surely want to add “All Things Dating” onto your must-read list.

Author Theodore Lovelace offers up the kind of straightforward advice quite comparable to that of a professional matchmaker, with all of your best interests at heart.

The Problem With Relationships Today


Introspective and insightful, it does call for some involvement of the reader who is urged to answer some tough as nails questions which reflects not only their own expectations, but how they see themselves in a committed union.

Relationship Roulette


“Relationship Roulette, Single, Married, Divorced, Now What?”, a book by Theodore Lovelace, shows how longstanding personality patterns can interfere with getting what we really want. The book explores the mistakes most people make throughout the stages of being single, married, divorced, re-married, in addition to ‘rebound relationships’.

Diet Desperation – Total Transformation


Many people begin a diet for one thing, but what they don’t understand is that the success of a diet requires many cylinders firing at the same time. There is freedom from your weight issues, and it all starts with this book.

A Revolutionary View of Relationships


If you need to understand the basics of meeting people and how you deal with dating to get what you want out of it. Then it’s time to take a step back for a few hours and read Theodore Lovelace’s newest book from his Relationship Series – “A Revolutionary View of Relationships”.